If you have already read my “About Me” page then you know that one of my main purposes of this blog is to provide my readers with ways they can start generating money especially when they’re clueless about where to start. This all stems from my own experience about resolving to never go back to working for someone when I had NO CLUE how I was going to generate my own income. Running into a friend who introduced me to the Network Marketing company she was with is what got me started just about a year and a half ago and what I consider today to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Today I get the enjoy the complete freedom from working from home and here are 4 ways you can get started towards enjoying the same freedom yourself. The best thing about all the ways I’ll share is that you can do these part-time and work towards creating full-time ways of working for yourself should that be your ultimate goal.

Important to note is that all these ways involve you operating business online simply because it is my own personal bias. I believe that whatever I am involved in I should be able to operate from any location in the world. I just do not like feeling of being tied to a location or being bound by any limitations. So here we go:

1. Blogging

A very easy way to turn a passion into income. Most people on the internet today have heard the term “blog” at least once in their life. It has become a buzz word particularly because of it’s ability to have anyone with something to write about earn significant income online.

By definition a blog, simply put, is a website where an individual (or group of individuals) writes articles centered around a topic/theme of their choice. A successful blog is usually created when the blogger (individual) writes about a topic that they are passionate about and via which they attract an audience. It’s this audience, the number of readers you have visit your blog regularly (traffic), that helps determine its value (potential/actual earnings). The larger the traffic, the greater the potential to earn significant income. How is this income actual generated? By implementing deliberate strategies that help the blogger turn their traffic into dollars. Two of the most popular ways to do this are via selling advertising space or affiliate programs.

Here is how you can started with generating income via a blog:

a) If you haven’t already, set up your own self hosted (e.g. www.yourname.com) blog. You can go here to take advantage of my Free Blog Setup Services
b) Start setting up advertising & affiliate programs on your blog. Here are the FREE ways I have implemented personally:

My most valuable resource on blogging is via a gentleman named John Chow. He has successful used blogging to generate well over $40,000 in income per month. He offers a FREE PDF report on how he turned his blog into a $40,000/month revenue stream. You can access his report here.

2. Social Media Management

This could arguably be ranked as the number 1 way of generating income online today. In some way shape or form most making significant income online are doing so via some form of social media. The most popular social media platform? Facebook of course!

Because of the continuing rise in this industry more and more people are in need of individuals to help them create a presence on one or all of the varying social media platforms available today. Without debate Facebook is the most profitable platform on which to have that presence today.

How you can get involved in social media management?

Simply start developing the skills. The internet in inundated with ways to get this done but one of the most comprehensive ways I’ve found to do so in a short space of time via The Social Network Academy. I have taken the time to go through the experience with them myself and its how I went from novice to create my own social media presence. What will you get?

  • A complete training program on how to create social media presence (with a focus on Facebook)
  • Lifetime updates/training on changes in Facebook and other platforms
  • Complete access to a drag and drop system of create customized Facebook pages (this means you don’t need any programming skills or to be a technology genius)
  • A complete guide on how to setup your own Social Media Business

Go here to get more details
Go here to get FREE access to test it out

3. Virtual Jobs

When many started losing their jobs Virtual Jobs, or what is often termed as Freelance jobs, became a popular way to replace lost income. Today there are many sites via which people can take their existing skills and offer services to online employers across the world.

Most of these sites allow Freelancers to apply for these jobs via a bidding process along with submission of their resume. The person with the most desirable application for the job wins. It is today a pretty competitive but a very viable way to generate income. I personally have no experience using this method primarily because I never wanted to go back to the experience of being tied down by timelines or “working for someone”. This same reason can in some cases prove limiting for anyone with a full-time job especially when working across time zones.

Why start with a Virtual Job?
– A very easy way to take your current skills and create additional income
– Allows you to make use of your after work hours
– Location flexibility
– There is an available job for a wide range of skill sets

How you can get started?


4. Network Marketing

While I have experience with two of the ways noted above this happens to be my personal favourite. Again, a bias but also one because of it’s significant long term benefits and most importantly access to mentorship and coaching for the lifetime of my business. In other words, I get direct access to individuals who know what they’re doing at almost anytime in the day. This is by far the most needed tool for anyone in business and one that most cannot afford to access. I get this for FREE…priceless!

Network Marketing is today one of the top ways in which trainers advise for anyone to get started in business. Robert Kyosaki went as far as to write a book on the subject (Business of the 21st Century), Donald Trump has started his own Network Marketing Company (Trump Network) and T Harv Eker wrote an entire report on being successful with this type of model (Download report here). These are to only name a few. I could go on with Forbes.com, www.entrepreneur.com, Warren Buffet, and others. Here are some of their top reasons why individuals looking for a way to start business should chose this model:

1. Network Marketing is about leverage: You get to maximize the number of hours you have working for you my learning to capitalize on the efforts of others. This means that eventually you can build a successful network that pays you even when you’re not working. True time freedom.

2. Very low capital requirements
3. No geographical limitations
4. No previous knowledge or skill required
5. Very low overheads
6. While many network marketers don not earn at the top income levels, it is one of the few industries where an individual can get paid per month in excess of what most earn per year. It remains one of the industries creating many Millionnaires.

Before getting started with any network marketing company:

1. Find one with a product you can be passionate about, you believe in and you would “sell to your mother”
2. Do your due diligence. Ensure the company is credible and one that has a sustainable product.
3. Are they registered or have at least applied for registration with the Direct Selling Association (www.dsa.com)
4. Attend the company meetings and get to know individuals who are distributors with the company. Get their feedback and experience.

Ready to get started with a Network Marketing company? You can review the company I work with here. If you would like to be contacted about working directly with our team or just to ask me questions about my journey go here.

There are an endless stream of ways you can start generating income online. The ones I have recommended are the ones I have had personal experience with and have successfully implemented. My goal is to help you sift through what can be overwhelming information online and point you to what works.

I look forward to your feedback. Leave a comment and let me know if the information shared was helpful and better still if you’ve implemented any of these already share your experience. Your story can help others.

To your success!

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