No, this is not going to be an article on relationships, not in the traditional sense at least. This being the “season of love” and my having gotten a good dose of inspiration from the video I’ll be sharing in this post, it’s on my heart to talk about a different kind of marriage. The one we have with our dreams/goals/visions for our lives and in this context our business.

The video was shared by one of my new clients and I just have to say I LOVE this girl. Her passion, her commitment, her consistency, her journey alltogether is inspiring. For many reasons she could have given up on her dream and she didn’t. She stood the test and years later she’s finally beginning to be paid back big time for her hard work. Her video lead me to thinking “this is what it takes” you literally have to be married to your dream and decide that no matter what comes, “divorce is not an option”.

Here’s some of what Lyric’s video inspired as well as a few of the things I wish someone would have told me before I got “married”.

You will get hurt

The first time a customer gives you bad feedback, or someone who you thought supported you instead betrays you, or the 1,000 nos before you get to a single yes, will all HURT. Add to that disappointment, frustration and anger. You’re human. If you’re not feeling pain, your dead.

You will make mistakes

You’re not perfect, you’re learning. EVERY successful person failed SEVERAL times before they excelled. Each failure teaches you something new about what does not work. It makes you one steps closer to what does.

You will want to quit

Days will come when all you want to do is pack up your bags and move right out! You’ll call it quits. In just two years I’ve quit at least a dozen times on my dream. I’m sure I’ll quit at least 1,000 more. Feeling like you’ve had enough is a normal human reaction when toiling at something for long. But as much as I hate cliché’s the statement is true: quitters never win and winners never quit.

Don’t compare yourself to others:

You have something of unique value. Even if there are others more successful or who look more attractive or seem more competent at doing exactly what you do, there is no one else like you! Your personality alone is enough to make someone want to do business with you over another. So never lose your competitive advantage  by trying to be someone else. DO YOU. The world has a need only you can fill.

The Business You Got Married to Won’t be the Last One You’re Attracted to:

Don’t let your eyes stray. A bright new shiny business opportunity will look appealing and as though it may be the one that will finally take you to the success you want. But you’ll find yourself only needing to do there what you have to with the one you’ve got; having to put in the hard work to make it work. FOCUS!

And finally,

Remember why you fell in love

Remember what you saw in your business that made it the perfect match for you. Remember what got you excited, what you are truly passionate about. Write the list down, write your commitment down and keep it before you on a daily basis. It’s this that will keep you doing the work on the days you can’t see clear until you get back to the days where you’re so fulfilled you wouldn’t think of having any other business but your own.

Here’s the video that inspired this post:


I’d love to hear your own thoughts/experience/advice on you work on creating a good “marriage”.

Please leave a comment below.


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