I’m writing this blog today because on my heart is a simple message: The world needs YOU.


You are unique. There are gifts and talents inside you that ONLY you possess. Your personality blended with what you do well makes it something that only you can do.

But Dayna, I sing well and there are a million other people who sing well too.

True, but what they won’t do is sing exactly the way you do. They won’t have your personality blended with the talent you have. Your personality is like a finger print, made up of similar elements found in everybody else’s, but the exact mixture of the elements doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

You’re not an accident. Your unique blend is here to offer a solution, the missing piece in the puzzle of the world, made to impact the lives of the community that you’re in.

But I’m not sure that I’m good enough!

This is perhaps the biggest barrier keeping most people away from living the life they want. The feeling of inadequacy that causes us to not take that bold step in doing what we’re really good at, is common. EVERYONE feels it. Even the super successful long after they have achieved their success still have the moments where they ask themselves the question “am I good enough?”

I’m here to tell you that in spite of that feeling, you have in you what it takes to change someone’s life. You ARE needed! Without you the world has a void.

Every time someone goes out and excels at what they’re good at, they inspire someone to go do the same. Every time someone is excellent at what they’re created to do their gifts solves an issue in someone else’s life.

A great surgeon saves a life. A great gardener gives someone joy when they wake up in the morning. A great farmer supplies life-giving food. A great marketer helps a business generate massive income that helps take care of thousands of families. A great inventor saves a child’s life. A great singer brings peace in someone’s day. A great designer gives a woman confidence. A great motivator helps millions live an extraordinary life.

When we live our lives on autopilot, doing jobs we know we’re not created to do, doing jobs that we applied for out of it being “what were expected to do” rather than what we really were created to do;  we rob the world of these gifts.

So how do you begin to step away from the mundane and into your purpose?

Find Your Passion:

What excites you? What drives you? What gets you so excited you can’t sleep at night? What comes naturally to you? THAT is the indication of what you really should be doing.

Perfect Your Passion

It’s not just enough to find out what you’re good at, but you must keep getting better at it. The better you are, the greater the impact you will have in people’s lives.  So get deliberate in spending time working on your gift.  Get deliberate on spending a portion of your day working on your gift.

Go Deliver Value to the World

Share your gift. Go out and get in front of as many people as you can and deliver results in their lives using your gift. Start small, start with the people around you and then you will find more and more opportunities to share with more and more people. I have a gift to encourage and inspire people.; it comes naturally to me.  I didn’t start however, by doing it in front of large crowds, it started with my friends. Sharing it with my friends strengthened by skill, the better I got at it the more and more opportunities came to do it in front of larger crowds. Every time I deliver well, the more people make requests and bigger opportunities come my way.  Follow the same pattern.

When you’re great at something and you couple it with knowing how to market your gift, you then can and will be greatly compensated.

All income is, is compensation for the value delivered.  Two things:

  1. The greater your value, the bigger the problem you solve the more people are going to be willing to compensate you.
  2. The more people you help, the greater your income will be.

Focus on becoming the best you, and you find the way to both love what you do and the compensation that comes along with it.


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