As a psychology major I learnt everything in our environment in one way or another influences our behaviour. The understanding of what makes people buy is what makes a great salesman and a great business. In the case of your online business this understanding can be particularly powerful as with shortening attention spans we have to get better and better at grabbing, holding the attention of prospects and keeping them around long enough to convert that attention into a sale. Conversion specialist earn very attractive salaries for pointing out the impact of the  slightest nuances on our websites and sales pages that can make the difference  of hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, even an increase of millions,  all because of years spent understanding what influences an individual making the decision to buy.

One all important element not given enough attention in many online businesses is that of colour. This week I came across a very interesting article published by on the science of colours and how they influence our thoughts, emotions and actions towards respective businesses online. How something as simple as colour can increase how many clicks are received on a particular income. It was also interesting to note what colours are hated by the respective genders and what colours you should be using if you want attract both men and women to your brand. The article takes us through how trust, credibility, confidence and even perceived value can all be inspired by our use of colour.

To read the entire article on The Science of Colours, click here.

How are you using colour in your business? Have you noticed that particular colours have impacted your results? I’m excited about beginning to experiment with these new found findings. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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