When I started my journey as a Business owner, one of the first things I realised was how easy it was to be constantly doing research looking for information until you felt you knew just enough to get it right. Even worse, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could “make my mark”, be different all thinking I had to come up with something smarter to be successful. It’s the natural instinct of all young entrepreneurs to want to get creative and innovative. Pause and evaluate your own thoughts and ideas and you most likely will admit that that is exactly true for you. It wasn’t too long, however before I woke up to the fact if I didn’t change my approach I was going to be spending a lot of time not making any money trying to reinvent the wheel. In our journey of becoming successful Entrepreneurs it behooves us to take expert advice from early and do exactly what they say. Find someone who is successful and copy everything they do. That’s what my “Expert Advice” is all about. Helping all desiring Entrepreneurs to speed up the process of locating the right steps to follow.

For this first post I’m sharing an interview I found on another blog. Here Mia Davies interviewed Robert Shemin, CNN & Fox Wealth Expert on his secrets to success.

As taken from Mia’s blog: “Robert Shemin ( also know as get rich with Robert)  is not only the author of 15 books including several NY best sellers, but he is also a CNN and Fox New wealth expert. He has started many businesses and charities, has been involved in over 1000 real estate transactions, has a hedgefund is also successful in network marketing. But that was not always his story. Grab and pen and paper, sit back and get ready for insights from a self made mutli-millionaire who is about to share his biggest secrets to success. This information could alter your life and business as you know it……”

And she was right!

Here are my take aways:

  1. For people who are afraid to have wealth as their goal, If your goal in business is to help people, then it’s your obligation to make a lot of money.
  2. Self Help does not work. Find a successful person and do exactly what they are doing. Stop thinking…stop worrying.
  3. Stick with it, there are no instant results.
  4. Being successful it simpler than you think.
  5. Have a clear definition of your goal. E.g I want to make $10,000 per month
  6. Success is a process. It’s always mixed with failure. Even the currently successful continue to experience moment’s of “failure”.
  7. Biggest challenge for everybody is focus. List your top 3 priorities for the day and get those done first.
  8. Have a set time for Office Hours. Schedule relaxation time for everyday
  9. Focus on the activities that are going to make you money
  10. Ask yourself every 30 mins. “What’s my focus?”. Too often we look busy and are not actually being productive.
  11. Treat your business with urgency.

Click here to visit Mia’s blog for the entire interview.

I wish you success!


P.S. Come back and share in the comments your own take aways

P.P.S To find out more about Robert Shemin visit his website.

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