STEP 1: A Winner has a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

It’s simple. A negative person never takes action because they don’t believe they can accomplish their goals. Stay positive and optimistic about your goals helps you to everyday take the right actions to accomplish them.

A positive person:

  • Knows where they want to go and are confident that they will accomplish it
  • Knows what they want out of life and they go and get it
  • You will never find a positive person listening to “chickens” (complainers). Chickens make a lot of noise and don’t stay FOCUSED. You must stay FOCUSED on your goal.
  • Learns to get past the No’s until they get to a Yes
  • Cannot be depressed. Depression is a terrible thing.  Depression will keep you immobile. It’s impossible to be positive and depressed at the same time

How to Stay Positive?


The spoken word is a very powerful influence over your thoughts. What is said has the power to completely change what you think about. How so? Do this simple experiment. First, start thinking about a red ball and keep thinking on that red ball. Now start saying the words “Black ball” repeatedly. You will find it’s impossible to say the words “Black ball” and simultaneously think about a “Red Ball”

How do you apply this to staying positive all the time?

1. Write down all your major business and life goals and be specific! Here are some examples:

  • Earning US$500,000 per year within the next 24 months
  • Completely Debt Free
  • Own my dream house

2. Take your goals and turn them into declarations:

  • I’ll be earning US$500,000 in the next 24 months
  • I am completely Debt Free
  • I live in my dream house

Start your day off saying these declarations & end your night each night repeating these declarations. During the day when you find yourself thinking negatively pull out your affirmations and start declaring them.


Again, it’s impossible to be hearing positive words and simultaneously have negative thoughts. So daily make it a habit of playing great audio books in the background of your life. Here are a few suggested times:

1. In the car while you’re driving
2. At your desk while at work (provided your job allows you to do this)
3. At home while you do chores
4. While working out
5. While waiting in the doctors office, bank lines, or for any appointment
6. While at the hairdresser/barber

What to listen to?

Here are two great FREE resources you can start with:

1. Think and Grow Rich
2. The Strangest Secret


One of the greatest sources of the spoken word are the people who are around you. You want to filter from your life people who constantly have nothing but negative things to say because what they say helps produce your thoughts. You want to take a look at just how powerful this principle is?

Look at your 5 closest friends. List what their lives look like financially, spiritually and physically. You will find that your life will look almost identical to this list.

If you want to change your results…change the people you spend most of your time with.


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I wish you success!




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