The economy, the people you hire, where you live, the resources you have available, nothing else in the world is responsible for the success or failure of your business but YOU. Dayna, how can you say that? Simple, people have built successful businesses under just about EVERY possible condition that exists. How YOU lead and manage your business determines your results. As my mentor always says “Winners find a way”. Today I cover the ways you need to take responsibility for your business so you can WIN.

  1. Find a good mentor! Whether you are a brand new business owner or seasoned entrepreneur always be seeking counsel from someone who has walked the journey and built a successful business the same way you want to build your business.
  2. Make smart investments, this could be applied to other things but here I’m talking about money. Don’t model your business in a way that you can’t financially sustain. In this day and age you can have a fully operational business without having to spend a lot up front or have a physical location carrying major expenses
  3. Don’t leave your business investment over to your employees or cast blame on others. Work your business; Take the lead. Those who follow you do only what you do. Ensure you take responsibility for how you train anyone in your business and more importantly how you respond if they don’t perform as required. If someone is not a good fit for your business don’t delay to replace them.
  4. The “Get Rich Quick” mindset is a broke mindset. Any business worth it’s weight in gold takes commitment, time and consistency. There is NO such thing as overnight success. You MUST pay your dues! Hard work rewards.
  5. Which brings me to my next point, Stop making excuses for being lazy. Life happens to EVERYONE. If you have made a decision to venture into business you must place priority in your life to do what it takes to make it successful. It’s your decision. If you have decided to prioritize the life incidents that happen and neglect your business then that is your choice and so are the corresponding results.
  6. Network Network Network. Are you going out and networking and finding new ways to get in touch with new customers. The best networker will have the strongest business.
  7. Have a passion for results. Pursue the activities that get you paid. Stay on top of how your business is performing. Constantly be evaluating the return on your day-to-day activities.
  8. “Your income will never exceed your personal development” – Jim Rohn. In what areas do I lack excellence? Focus on developing those skills and where necessary outsource. Simply put, you earn based on the value you offer. The better your skills, the more you make. Ensure you become excellent at the skills that make you money.
  9. Image – you attract who you are. If you plan to attract a particular customer you must look like what they would be attracted to. For example, if you are in the business of going out to network with fellow business leaders hoping to build relationships with the best, you must look like the best. They will not pay attention to someone who they wouldn’t to be seen with.

The summary of it all comes down to this. People don’t pay you; you pay yourself.

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I wish you success!


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