Stop Making Excuses – Even the “Legitimate” Ones 

I spoke of this briefly in Step 2 but today I want to spend some more time looking at the ways that we use excuses to hold us back from getting what we want. This is a principle that can be applied not just to business, but to life!

It is easy when we experience challenges or a devastating life event to justify being pulled away from our goals and putting all our energies in dealing with the event. Not just is it easy, it is perfectly reasonable and here lies the danger.I will paint the perfect example that I hear OFTEN, in fact, I heard just last week from someone who contacted me about being a part of my team.  This person was very interested in working with me in starting up their business.  Just as I was when I got started, they are out of a job and not interested in going back to work for anyone. However, the issue posed was not being sure about having the time. Their mother is in the hospital sick, requiring daily visits and their daughter currently facing exams. Perfectly reasonable that both these challenges got priority attention. But here is why in this scenario business should take equal or greater priority; when there’s no income it  must be URGENT that one be created. If this does not become priority number one, soon you they WON’T be able to take care of either mother or daughter. What then? CATASTROPHE.

What may on the surface appear to be a legitimate reason to put aside your business may not  in actuality be a truly valid one. How to always make the best decision for you and your family w

hen it comes work life balance? Taking care of yourself and your family should always be priority number 1. However, you must realise that taking care of your family is to take care of your business.

It’s all going to come down to Time Management

1. Create non-negotiable family time. Family time is family time and no business oriented activity is allowed to intervene.

2. Carve out time every single day to deal with your business and stick to it.

 3. FOCUS – when time on business my be reduced for a period ensure that you spend time only on those things that make you money. Create a list of exactly what those activities are to ensure you spend time only on those.

4. Outsource – Those things that you don’t have to be the one to handle,  hand over to others.

5. Where outsourcing may not be possible due to financial restrictions. Set deadlines – you may not have to deal with them immediately but you will need to deal with them eventually. Afford yourself the extra time needed to deal with the current life event but give yourself a deadline by which you must return to normal business hours.

6. Surround yourself with supporters. Where possible don’t be afraid to have a friend/family member help you take care of some events like going to the super market, sharing their helper, or picking up the kids from school. This allows you to more time to spend on priority tasks

Making these decisions are not going to be easy. Life isn’t easy and certainly gaining success will not be. In dealing with guilt, because you will have to, always remember to focus on this: being able to take care of your family requires you also taking care of your business.
When it all comes down to it, you must focus on the things you need to do in your business to WIN and just do it.

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What are some of the techniques you use to manage your time? Leave a comment and let us know.
I wish you TREMENDOUS success!
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