I just got done reading an article by Bob Proctor with the same title “The Courage to Change” and it inspired me to write a blog copying his title. The article focused on how one individual changed their path they spend over 2 decades building to doing what truly made her happy. How did she make the change? It started with asking herself:

What do you really want?

What is it you really want to do with your life?

It has been my long time observation that most people have no clue how to answer this question because it’s not something we routinely think about in life. In reality we spend more time thinking about the obstacles than we do opportunities. Why, because often we feel what we’re doing is the best we can get. We have told ourselves we don’t have permission to DREAM.

Why am I so confident about this? Because the day I lost my job almost 2 years ago turned out to be the BEST day of my life. It took me going through that horrible experience to make up my mind about not working for anyone else even though I had NO IDEA how I was going generate an income. Today I run my business from home and continue to embark on numerous opportunities for making money. Having nothing made me start looking for opportunities that I would never have allowed myself to truly look for before. I want to challenge you to start looking now.

So my challenge for you with today’s blog is to ask you “What do you REALLY want?” Not thinking about any limitations, not thinking about whether or not you can afford to do it. Not thinking about if you can do with the kids/husband or where you live. Just write a long list of things you would want to do if you were to go out with no limitations whatsoever, what would you be doing with your life? It may sound like a simple step and one that can’t bring much effect, but it is in fact very powerful. This is the beginning of giving yourself permission to conceive that you can have the life of your dreams.

But it doesn’t end there, once you create your list start looking for ways you can start doing some of those things on the list. You will be surprised just how many opportunities are available to you to start living the life you really desire. And don’t think you have to throw in the towel in one go, you can start doing many things on a part-time basis that allow to build your way towards a full-time change. I promise you will find that most likely you are not the only one with some of the desires on your list and you will find someone who has done the same thing before that you can copy their success and apply to your life.

To read the entire article that inspired this blog go here and see how one lawyer changed her life gave up a business she spent decades building to truly living out God’s best for her life.

I wish you success!

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