Today I received one of those phone calls that make everything I do worth it.

If you don’t know what I do, every Wednesday night I do free live training sessions focused on teaching how to create information products from your existing skills and talents and marketing your business online. I’ve been doing this for the past 9 months and I’m honoured by the support and seeing how many take the time to attend live every single week.

However, though the replay remains available on youtube, I am never really thinking that people watch it. Thought I know they do.

But Michele’s call warmed by heart, she had been watching the replays because she’s unable to attend live and often watches them over and over again. But that’s not what made my day. What makes my day are when people take action and get results.

Michele had watched my webinar on How to Start a Business in 24 hours. Took the steps and created her first e-book in 3 days. Until watching the webinar she never realised she could self-publish her own work. Now she has a completed book currently in the editing process and I can’t wait to be able to help her spread her message to the world.

I love it! I am totally confident everyone has a gift they need to share with the world and creating information products (along with the other methods I discuss in the webinar) are simple ways to get it done in short space of time. We live in a time where it doesn’t have to take forever to discover and start a viable business.

So I created this post to share Michele’s story of how she did it and pass on to you how you can get it done as well. Here’s the webinar that inspired Michele’s e-book.

Looking forward to seeing what you will create!

I wish you success!


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