On my journey of being an entrepreneur one thing I have realized as very easy to ignore, is the advise of taking financial advise from people who have what you want. Daily we are surrounded by well-meaning people whose opinions we value, well-meaning people who we want validation from and that validation we solicit often through “pleasing them” and following what they have to say. Friends, family, teachers, our leaders. All of whom for the most part don’t experience the financial freedom we crave.

Warren Buffet is documented by Forbes as the third richest man in the world. Additionally, I have great respect that in spite of this he remains an incredibly pragmatic man with regards to the lifestyle he chooses to live. He still lives in the same house he had before making the Forbes list, will drive his car until it’s dying day and is often forced to upgrade his cell phone by his kids. In just as much as he lives a relatively simple way of life, so is his approach to acquiring wealth. Any underdog can apply the same principles and achieve significant wealth.

If you want wealth, you must take advise from those who have already walked the journey.

Below is the complete list of the 10 Ways. Go here to see the entire article with explanations as published on Parade.com

1. Reinvest Your Profits
2. Be Willing To Be Different
3. Never Suck Your Thumb
4. Spell Out The Deal Before You Start
5. Watch Small Expenses
6. Limit What You Borrow
7. Be Persistent
8. Know When To Quit
9. Assess The Risk
10. Know What Success Really Means

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