Welcome to the Member’s Area!

What you are seeing is just the beginning of what’s to come!

Expect lots of changes over the next few months. Congratulations on being the very first set of members for DaynaWallace.com! I truly didn’t think this day would come so soon. I look forward to sharing all the courses with you including sharing my own journey so you can copy the experience and start creating your very own business online!

For starters you will find access to the Powerpoint Slides to the Facebook Marketing Boot Camps you have purchased. I will ask that you keep these slides exclusive and not share with anyone. To locate the slide visit “Facebook Marketing”

You will also see a calendar for you to  schedule you one hour consult as well as a sheet with a few questions you need to think about so we can make the best use of the hour. You can find the calendar under “Business Consultation”

Next week I’ll publishing the dates for when our Getting Organized and Focused for Real Success course will start. This is going to be a week long course including Live Q&A groups sessions. It will be an intense course to I’ll also be taking you through some steps to get ready to make the best use of this course.

I’m SO EXCITED and can’t wait for us to truly make 2012 our BEST year yet!

Love you all!


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