A New Day


The early periods of starting my online business were painful, frustrating, and mostly overwhelming. I needed this to be successful. I most of all needed to start making money. I was unemployed and had just made a very quick and unplanned decision that I was diving full time into running my own business. A decision that wasn’t quite making sense to my family because I had never run a business, not for more than a month or two at least.

I had no prior success and I certainly was clueless on exactly what business I was getting started.

My friends were starting to give me the pep talks and my mother was starting to show me job opportunities.

This had to work!

I was spending hours at the computer, learning, growing, discovering meeting people who were getting it done. Six figure earners even seven figure earners.

A year had passed I had now spent so many hours I was beginning to feel sickly full of knowledge, very similar feeling to having eaten way too much Sunday dinner. I was stuffed! and beginning to feel useless.


Information overload had set it in.

I was reading stories of people who had started at the same time I did and were growing faster. Much much faster and then it hit  me.

What were they doing differently?

Because it certainly wasn’t that they were learning more or knew anything more than I did.

They were doing it! They were implementing what they learnt. They were figuring out how to make something work and applying it to their business at the same time.

Not waiting for it to be perfect.

Not waiting till they sure they knew everything they needed to know on the subject.

Just going for it and getting results.

Enters my coach:

She created a whole new shift for how I was working on growing my business. I went on a learning fast. Stopped Googling new information, listened to my coach who helped me pick one strategy I was going to work and started doing the work.

The transformation was immediate.

I’m now fiercely committed to helping you do the same thing.

Helping you skip past the overwhelm, spending hours of doing things that don’t work and give you a simple and clear action plan that gets results now.

I want this to be you sending me the same message next week:

Screenshot 2013-11-10 23.20.40

I received this message from Nicole just this Saturday, 4 days after our consultation on Wednesday.

It lead me to saying, I want you to start getting it right. 

I want you close this year strong starting right now and I want you to finally have a year where your life is completely changing, you’re doing what gets you excited, what you love getting up to do everyday and you’re making money that makes you feel good.

I want you to get unstuck and help you to start taking action right now.

So I’m doing what I have NEVER done before and that’s put aside two days in week and opening up my private consultation time for booking.

Of course this is just me and you, one and one time so spaces are VERY limited.

I’ve even made sure I have set it at a price that anyone can access.

What your spending on hair, nails even just a few drinks in a month costs more than this one hour session.

What are you willing to spend if one hour could completely change where you are now?

Reserve your spot below now before all the spaces are gone. (This week Thursday & Friday are already unavailable)

I looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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