The World of Social Media – How to Create Your Own Income

Congratulations and welcome!

Thank you for taking the time out to participate in this course. I am eager to share with you not only my experience but those of well established experts in the industry of Social Media.

On this page you have everything you need to be able to go ahead and right away start taking what you already know about Social Media and start making money helping other people to market their business online.

In  the webinar we covered

  • An overview of the top most powerful Social Media Platforms
  • How you get started right way in generating income as a Social Media Manager
  • Rates you could charge for basic services
  • Resources to get you started TODAY
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Now that you know how to get started, create effective accounts and start to generate some basic income
[headline_arial_medium_left color=”#000000″]Are really ready to get serious about creating a thriving business as a social Media Manager?[/headline_arial_medium_left]
As discussed in the webinar there’s more to being a great Social Media Manager than just knowing how to create a Facebook account and do status updates.

The real key to maximizing social media and turing your activity online into a stream of buying customers is knowing how to meet new people and build solid relationships.

It’s not a new concept at all people buying from people they like, know and trust is actually as old as the dawn of time, it’s just online and global now!

[headline_arial_medium_left color=”#000000″]The Grizzly Bear![/headline_arial_medium_left]

But to a business owner Social Media is a big scary beast, put there simply to eat all his/her time!

As a business owner myself, I know exactly how he feels when being overwhelmed by ALL the things you have manage on a daily basis. Business owners have overheads, staff, customers, suppliers, premises, IT, landlords, accountants and loads of other things to deal with.

Sure marketing should be their highest priority as it’s the one thing that will make them money (if done properly), but usually it isn’t.

Not only is effective marketing low down on their list, Social Media is even lower as most business owners are convinced you can’t measure a tangible return by chatting to people online!

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#000000″]So here’s the BIG question[/headline_cufon_font_left]

How do you convince a very busy business owner to invest in Social Media?

Get rid of the Social, and talk to a business owner in their language!

They want to hear investment, returns, increase in customers, improved turnover and most importantly higher profits.

Result: A Swarm of Clients Wanting to Know More

Imagine if you could walk into a clients office and come out with a signed contract every time? How would you feel if you could secure the client without even leaving your living room?

Well I have good news and bad news…

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